First Baptist Church of Columbiana
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Our student ministry exists to lead youth to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We want to connect students to God and the church through meaningful relationships. We accomplish this work through the power of the Holy Spirit through weekly meetings and activities designed to give our students knowledge of who God is, an opportunity to worship, and a love for being together with His people.




Weekly Schedule

Sundays                 9:15     Sunday School

                               10:30     Morning Worship

                                 5:30     Girls' Mission Groups

                                 6:00     Guys' Mission Groups and Bible Study

                                 6:30     Girls' Bible Study Groups


Wednesdays         6:30     The Wharf


The Wharf

wharf.jpgEach Wednesday night at 6:30pm we meet at “The Wharf.” A wharf is designed as a structure on the shore of a harbor where ships may dock to load and unload cargo or passengers as quickly and efficiently as possible. This landing stage is commonly a fixed platform, often built on pilings or pontoons in order to keep it at the same level as a ship, even during changing tides. We want “The Wharf” to be a safe place – a consistent platform – even during changing tides of young adult lives, where the students in our community can gather to learn the truth of God’s Word, worship together and fellowship with one another.


We are blessed to be able to accommodate the precious cargo that God sends our way to teach, disciple and mentor in their journey through middle and high school and college. It is our goal to challenge and equip them to fish beyond the water’s edge in order to grow our sphere of influence to their peers and friends with the Good News of Jesus. When the nets of life – distractions of sin – entangle those students, we want them to know how to throw off those encumbrances in order to live a life boldly for Christ.


Student Missions

Our student ministry is heavily focused on being mission minded. We believe that for students to truly be a part of the body of Christ, they must put their feet to the faith and serve. For 50 years, our youth and college students have ministered in Baldwin County to Spanish-speaking migrant workers. In recent years we have expanded this ministry to include several trailer parks in the area. We also have additional mission opportunities throughout the year, including Bible studies and block parties at local apartment complexes each fall. We have separate mission trips each summer for our guy’s and girl’s mission groups. Our groups have traveled as far as Europe in years past, and gone throughout the continental United States and Central America.







Challengers Mission Trip

Cornfields, Arizona

June 21-29, 2019


Activators Mission Trip

Gulfport, Mississippi

June 25-30, 2019



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